cropped-15403138364_c487c916fa_b.jpgIf we were having coffee, you’ll be missed out our trekking tramp last weekend, and i am surely invite you to be with us in Redstone Gate (hung shek mun reservoir) Hongkong. I and my group Sexy Lady hikers Filipino Group had the weekened traipse. That in every trail we had memories and never leave a trace. Some were kinda assume that our trip is a 7 hour hikes. Beginners and some other members of other group hikers joined us. In our journey some of our colleagues to hamper exhaustion and a thrill to our tramp, they made sing a song, makes joke, in filipino expression we called it #hugot which means, they make a quote unquote sayings about hatred, betrayal and bitterness about love. Just make sense if others can’t catch up. Well, our co chinese and foreign hikers laughed and we made them smile when they ask us what does it mean… (flattered) They said that we, Filipino’s  had that attitude of having fun and make others not to get bored (wow! we know that). as our journey goes on, and reaching the peak of the mountain, you can see the foggy and feel the breezy windy air that refreshes your body and it feels like you want to just sit down on a rock and start to set your mind calmly. This was the best ever coastline i had seen, the redsedimentary stone which then had said made up of iron. It was so cool and that 8 mountains, rocky trail, slippery trek worth the hikers made a new adventure and knowledge to explore some kind of place in Hongkong which most tourist here didn’t even know that in every place there is a serene place for yourself. And we survived to 8 mountains and finished the trail almost 8 hours and a half minutes and we were arrived down the road safely. See yah next trail trek….


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