Traipse cancelled

If we were having a coffee, oh my gully you have seen me last night upset. When i started packinh up my things for sunday’s hike in qing dai stream and suddenly my husband said “, it’s up to you if you’ll go. If that makes it worth it”. Ironically he don’t like me to go out every weekend. 
So all packed up things unpack and upset. He started to say maybe there are a lot of handsome, some kinda jealous which i knew it. Is that what you are doing? And i told to him, darling! You are the most handsome in my own world and to the whole world and you know that. And in fact, we are all ladies, you can’t shirk other hikers most especially those who really in up to.  I don’t know, and i get it his point of concern and care. But i didn’t do anything bad. I tell to him that hiking is one of the odd where you can relieve stress and pressure with all those weekdays works 24 hours unless you have your working time. Rather than going out and what? Staying at the park, place a mat in the floor and having chit chat and costly buy something to eat yeah i got it! I had been going out since their holiday here is mostly weekend.i had this grouo which they help me to find jobs. If i didn’t awaits for something very important to me then i’d rather go home. I took a breath and thinking he didn’t even see what i am doing to strive for something. A simple goodnight and i love you warm my sleep.


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