The Bride’s Pool with crystal clear water, making it a very popular place for swimmers especially during summer. Another attraction is the 15-meter high Bride’s Pool Waterfall.

top 5 hidden most popular Waterfalls in Hongkong

The pool’s name stemmed from a very tragic story. According to an ancient legend, a bride aboard a sedan was on her way to her wedding one rainy day when one of the porters slipped and lost his footing. The bride fell into the pool and unfortunately, drowned. The pool was later named in her memory. Some say that the bride’s spirit still haunts the area and claim to have seen her in the Mirror Pool (another pool in the area).

Location: Tai Po,New Territories, Hongkong

How to get there:


Take mtr  going to kwun tung line and interchange to kowloon tong which is east rail way bound to tai po market. From Tai Po Market exit to A3 and read the sign going to bus terminus and take 275k(available this bus during Public holiday and sundays) and end in bridespool.

From bridespool walk down and see the barbecue site read signs, if you take right path you will go to Mirror pool and some streams viewed. back down the path from where you started for, take left path and a sign bound to bridespool.

as you go down you can take and stay at barbecue site if you’re uninterested to take the pools, it is so easy to track those pools. because streams are already there. just follow what i pointed, take right for Mirror Pool and left to Bridespool. as we go through to mirror pool, we had sighted a tricky stream nearby which is the footstream of the mirror pool. so we took the risk to go down.

FullSizeRender 2


the Mirror Pool ….

since were here at mirror pool we track down the upper part of the falls…

there is a small way path at the left side of the area where in ribbons hung. so if you want to see the beautiful view of the mountains. and this is what we saw.. 🙂

Going to where you started when you begin to stay in bridespool take the left side from the bridge you took from the beginning of your traipse. abundant of streams from the bridespool tails and footstream.



REFRESHING YOUR MIND AND BODY WITH THIS BEAUTIFUL waterfalls. be careful to the stiff rough rocky that might cut your feet. the same way and bus number will you take going back to city yet if you want to stop by at tai mei tuk biking center 5 stops from bridespool to tai mei tuk. and the same bus number again going back to the city.


thank you..



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