Rhino Rock trail

If you’re looking for a short hike with family, friends or even a solo hike, this could be suitable for you. Accessible and easily to track on a traipse.

How to get there:

*take KMB(from sai wan ho-you can take this bus in grand promenade)# 14 bound directly to  stanley prison

*bus 6,6x going to stanley which is the same bus going to repulse bay and deep water bay and dropped off in terminal bus (stanley market)

Then from stanley market take bus 14 and end in terminus military compound 👇🏻

Start the trail on your left side stairs, don’t worry you won’t get lose since it is only a few minutes to reach up.and ready to see the view 😀

While walking you can see some ribbons hung and i did it to 😇.

You will see the little summit 👇🏻

And facing the summit take the right bushes which i pointed, careful thus it is too many bushes and a branch of torns will rip your pants so better to wear trousseau

Views is not what u expected but it soothes and worth the hike for. It’s nice to stand and to those huge rocks formed and sight seeing the views. And on the left  side you can viewed the Hk prison. Just follow the ribbongs hung you might get lose coz there are some pathways bound to the beach down the rhino.

Always go to right path where you can easily go to rhino rock.and always be careful when i went there, the weather is good but it’s too windy as i climb those rocks and stood up. And you can take the breathtaking views of stanley 😹.

 You can climb up the rhino and take a picture where there’s a rope at the back tied up on the tree. 

Just follow the trail back whereyou started to go home but if you want to take a swim you can go through directly from the rhino going down. Or from the summit where you’re at a while ago you can take.

End trail:from that water reservoir go down and take bus 14 bound to grand promenade, sai wan ho.


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