Suicidal cliff at kowloon peak

Suicidal cliff
Kowloon peak lies separating from Kowloon to sai kung, is the highest peak/hill of the kowloon peaks at 603 m, that gives the alluring over kowloon to hk island.


Choi hung mtr exit B➡️take minibus 1A and get off to fei ngo shan road( new clearwaterbay)

Duration:7/10 3hrs i might not suggest for beginners for it has quite steep to climb and as you reach the cliff rocks, there are some pathways that is very quite slippery one mistake  step might fall you down the hill😟

Better to be with the advanced hiker, for your safety.

T.N: be careful for taking Photos 

One woman,  a month ago ,fell down meters from the rocks.luckily she was recued by her colleagues..

Follow the photos below(visible for easily slumber the trail)

Straight ahead the fei ngo shan road

Take the lest road pointed by my finger…
Continue to walk until you had reach the intersection (pak fa lam road)and take the left road with the building #19 ⬅️

As the journey will get you tired, approximately 500m to go up the hill, the maon shan trail will reach you up if you see the pavillion yet previous bloggers signage the red painted rock #328 after the first pavillion, hence it is difficult to visualize’s you pass by the pavillion take and be alert to take the small stairway from your left side ⬇️ 

A few view i uploaded gives you some tips hence the view is stunning: from lion rock to kowloon peak stands the view from suicidal cliff.why suicidal? That’s the myth you should have to know..

End trail may take you from the cliff down to the trail, some hikers starts in this may see this ⬇️ when you have started your trail from fei ngo shan road..

*keep your shoes dirtyℹ️


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