Lion’s rock

Duration: around 3-4 hrs

The rocky mountains lies in Ma on shan country trail bet shatin pass and kowloon with 7km and 495 m altitude, the Lion rock


Take mtr (green lane) get off wong tai sin exit B 
Just go straight ahead and turn left
Where you can see the minibus terminal..

And you can see the intersection.. read the sign shatin pass road. Take that road, that will

take you until the entire traipse..

And you’ll pass by these: tracing bound to Lion Rock is quite steep down the road going up. Be patient as i did: 😹

(Look at the photos below) ⬇️⬇️⬇️

When you reach this big temple walk around 500m -800 m going up.. and during your walkathon you should have to be smart and attentive to the monkeys hanging on the trees😹🙈🐒

And you can reach the last temple:

And take left road

And start the trail.

It may take 2km i guess if you are a fast-walker. You may now take pictures as the views come on your way..

*careful when you pass by the location sign:as i keep on looking the marker stone so you will pass by until map #4👌🏻

In the intersections pathway straight ahead for a reason that two along way signage; i came from north when you’re looking at the photo🔝 so ignored those and keep walking straight ahead ⬇️ and you can read the sign board beacon hills and that would be the path you may take which is i think in your right side

And here you go.. just be smart to check your map/marker stone #4(maclehosw trail sec5)⏺

Highlight blues::

End trail:follow the path at the base of lion rock


Down they trail and there you go ↗️

Just check it out the photos anyway you will not get lost 😇😂upon reaching the pavilion
End trail is: Thank you 😂😍 the wicked nurse


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