Why’s worth it?

High junk peak

Duration:3 hrs suitable to everyone

However, My buddy and i started the trail in Sheung ze Wan, the difficult steep and slippery(during rainy day)instead to start at the main trail Ng Fai tin however it will take you to two routes bound to tai Miu where you can see the view of Clearwater bay Golf and the peninsular of sai kung lying the peak trail is the clearwater bay beach 1.

Access: if you came from kowloon side and new territories take Bus 91/91R in diamond hill mtr station terminus

If you are from hk island, from tseung kwan o Mtr exit B, minibus 103M, 103 get off in: (2 options)

Starting point:

1. Ng fai tin

2. Sheung ze Wan

15-20minutes to walk up hill👇🏻

And if you will reach the intersections bound to tai miu and from the peak

This is the difficult trail due to steepiness if you will start here however this is the way going down after you had in junk peak


From the Ng fai tin: just follow the signage you won’t get lose .

Take note: read all the signs so you might not get through the biking trails…

High junk Peak cone

And continue..

Till then you will see views..

Villages and the green mainland alluring your eyes. The summit 👇🏻

 Views in clearwater bay Beach 1 and the clearwater bay Golf

As we stayed for so long at the peak, i and my buddy decided to watch the sunset.

End trail.. just follow the trail going down.. visible..

As you reach again the sign board it is up to you if you will be going to end in 1.Po toi o via tai miu or on 2.sheung ze wan and take bus 103m (tseung kwan o station)or 91/91R(diamond hill)

End trail in Po toi O… take bus 16

You can also enjoy the Seafoods from the  village resto..

the wicked nurse


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