Difficulty: terrain 7/10

Beginners should be guided by intermediate hikers…

Bring: 2L of water,Light snacks, gloves, Cozy shoes or hiking shoes, wear pochette and trousseau,first aid kit,hat

How to get there:
Tung chung lane exit B and take bus 11

And get off in shek pik reservoir 👇🏻

Cross over from the bus stop and go back where you came 👇🏻

The first challenge is about to climb the slippery rocky moist pathway:⬇️

  This straight wall ⬇️ they called it Wilt Wall Corridor..i don’t know why but it’s a tall firm rock-wall.

What you expect in the tiger rock river are these:climb, hold and roar 🤣

After passing by the extreme slippery scattered rocks:hence you should have to climb these in a row so you will avoid the rocks to fall down with your colleagues.

At the tiger head is a view magnificent lurking the mountains.

After our group took our lunch under the humid hot sun of the top of the mountain, we took the trail going to east part of the lantau island via the lantau peak trail.but we didn’t go up in the summit.

Expect the rocky trail bound to ngong ping. Your second choice after you reach the tiger head river you may take back the trail where you started.

Once you reach the birds rock ⬇️

Just go up don’t take the left path it will lead you to south heavens gate just. Ontinue climbing until you reach the signage ⬇️ follow down and that’s end.

And take bus 23 going back to tung chung.



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