The sharp peak is one,among the Most perilous peak in sai kung. With an altitude of 468 masl.

*️⃣How to get there:

🔵take bus 96R in diamond hill station and get off in Pak tam au

🔴take minibus 101m in hang hau station and get off at the bus terminus; take  minubus 7 and get off in pak tam au(it takes only 10-15minutes to get there)

*️⃣What to bring:

2-3L of water (summer) light snacks, wear gears and gloves, wear  long sleeves and Trousseau,hiking pole(if u are comfortable to use it)

*️⃣Duration:6-7 hrs if you’re going to take from sharp peak down to ma fei tan 🔙 back to pak tam au via tai wan beach

*️⃣Starting point:

Pak tam au➡️maclehose trail section 2. You will not get lose as long as you’re in the right track of maclehose, addition to that many hikers especially weekends and public holidays go on trail.

As we started the trail with my friend, we were accompanied by a marathon running held in maclehose trail 2, one reason we need to keep behind on the steepy little pathway.

Before reaching out the view you will pass by an old village:

 During your journey you’ll come to see the serenity of the beach.

⏺chek keng (camping site is also allowed nearby.

Passing by the old village ↙️ the three white houses is such an astonishing and conspicuous by your vision.👀

Stay on the trail(maclehose 2) take the right side:that is the main trail for maclehose sec 2.

I guess additional 3-4kms ahead before you will reach at the left side of maclehose the rocky with a bound of stairs going to sharp peak.

*️⃣views is all over your sight while on the traipse and a lil bit windy when we went there.

🔵what to expect to climb:ready the grip and wrap of your hands and knees🖖

It is more likely a sedimentary slippery and movable rocks so don’t trust any of it. Before you grip make sure it was stack and immobile.

⛰the SUMMIT: i didn’t attached more photos since everything you see is all blue green and refreshing serenity. Inhale and exhale.

🛤if you want not to take the mei fan ten which is located at the back of the sharp peak and won’t like to get until sundown you may trek back where you started and end in pak tam au then take minubus or kmb bus as well.

🔵Nam she wan 

↩️at the right side is the Chek Keng, you may take also from there but i am not sure how long you’ve reach the sharp peak since we’d nktice some hikers went started there from chek keng pier to sharp peak.

🔴Me fai Ten-located at the back of sharp peak and end up to Tai Wan beach get along to the right side of the beach (where our co hikers went through as their end trail)right after that you may see signage going to ham tin and take it to consideration to reach the small village and a trail join to maclehose trail back to pak tam au.

🔙we go through tai wan beach back to sharp peak based.

🔵Tai Wan

🔚 then back to maclehose trail ➡️pak tam au

More Videos during my adventure available in my you tube account ⬇️⬇️ 

The wicked nurse


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