Simple but a labyrinth trails.

Ridges and steepiness makes you easily tired during summer.

I took the hiking during winter but the weather is sunny and warm.

How to get there:
From tung chung mtr exit B

Either take the bus # 23 or 11 and get off in Shek Pik reservoir (police strand)

Things to bring:

Gloves, sunblock, bandana, hat,2L of wAter, trousseau, long pants..and smile..

Reverse from the bus stop.

I think 200m from shek pik strand to shek pik country trail.

And start the trail:

Two meandered stairways to take and a hour to take the starting point to climb.

Just follow the shek pik country trail until the end of the road.wherein you will take a rocky road..

At the right side you can see the red signage :WARNING! Yep buddy! That’s the starting point which is 220m altitude.since there is no perfect and right pathway of the ridges.

What to expect during the trail?



I met a chinese hikers during my trail.

You may not lost in the trail hence many hikers trekking in lantau.

End trail:

You may straight ahead if you don’t like to take the right payh which is middle dog teeth and will headed you to the same pathway leading to shek pik country trail.

🏆Take bus 11 or 23


Take ngong ping (big buddha)

And turn left..most hikers end their trail here👍🏻

Same bus #👌🏻.

Thank you👏🏻 click the you tube below ↩️

Teeth ridges


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