Trilogy ma on chan Country trail that’s i called it since they were “neighbors”.

Pyramid hill (536masl)beneath the grassland and headed back to saddle hill, altitude of 677masl ,the 10th highest Hill/peak in hk, and bound to Hunchback or ngau ngak shan with an altitude of 702masl,the 9th highest hill in hk.

I do mostly my solo hike during my free time and i trekked this trail from winter season so it’s very windy and freezing🙂

What to bring:

Trousseau, camesole, hiking poles(optional), gloves,hat,scarf(winter) hiking or comfy shoes and Smile 🙂

Duration: if you’ll going to take the trilogy trail you should have to start early so you might not end your trail into dawn. Or else you might get lost.
How to get there:

👉🏻HUNCHBACK 👇🏻 the 9th highest Hill

If you only want to take the hunchback take mtr intechange to kowloon tong and head to KCR ma on shan that is the brown lane and get off in wu kai sha exit B

Or reverse back this was our end trail when we took our trail from pyramid and ended up in hunchback.

Ok here’s way: from wu kai sha 

Straight ahead and turn right, pass by the bus terminus(sssHhhh get out of there until you will reach the Monte Vista state.

Follow the pictureques below 👇🏻

And turn left there is a lot of bikers parked in the park fences:

And here you go..

From that  way you will see(not totally a pathway but there are ribbons hanging on the trees.

Take the trail,either your starting point or end point of trail.Expect this much pathways since it was so slippery and bushy when we’re with my buddy took it since it was a lil bit showering and freezing.

There are ropes tied up to help you climb but uhhh! Don’t trust it😤

🏔JUST CONTINUE READ THE BLOG 2nd option of where you want to start follows.👇🏻

View of front and back of the hunchback:

Views are stunning and soothe: the first photo below taken from the Pyramid hill viewed the saddle and hunchback.

Go straight ahead from the summit 

From the summit go down ahead which you will headed to 

👉🏻SADDLE HILL 10th highest Hill via maclehose sec 4.

As it looks and shapelike a horse saddle.

And you will see a sign post maclehose.

Views: when you start in pyramid, the grass are amazing, it appears like a seaplant due to its colour, below 👇🏻 is the base of the saddle hill, meaning in between two hills.

From this saddle below 👇🏻 viewed the panorama of lantau and ma on shan.

We feel like bouldering 😂

🏔PYRAMID HILL 536masl 

If you started your trail in hunchback.

Other option is from ma on shan KCR (exit in sunshine plaza) and take the bus N84 or 84 and get off in ma on shan country trail or bbq site.

From the bbq site:

Take the right path or on the bbq site which is on the left side.

Straight the Maclehose trail until you’ll reach the Ngong Ping state.

Keep going until you will reach this old abandoned village which behind them is the saddle hill hovered by fogs.

Up ahead until you will reach a sign post C3302-C3304

And turn left up the hill..

Expect moist, wet pathways since we went during winter and amber rains fell off.a lil bit slippery so should have to be careful. As follows..

Until you reach the Pavilion sign Post prior to that is C3305.

From that post: ahead of that is the Pyramid hill via Kei Lung or you may take Tai shui Teng so you may start your front face of the Pyramid and grassland down with a signage Mpost 082.turn left and that’s it. ⬇️

⏺grassland mostly a place where you can viewed High junk peak from your right facing South and Sharp Peak(Northeast) and the Geopark of Sai Kung.

A foggy freezing Pyramid hill.

And climb on it:⬆️

Summit is waiting for you and starts your trail of ma on shan.


A. Back of the pYramid hill

B.from the summit ⬇️ im facing the saddle hill to my left is the hunchback

C. pyramid summit ⬇️
⏺if you don’t like to climb saddle hill since it may take you a long run plus a picturesque(if u dont like to get over until the dawn) better to climb this trilogy during summer but more exhausting than winter. I appreciate winter trail since i love the seaclouds forming.

You may take down from pyramid summit turn left to Kei lung and end up in pavillion where you started and left down to Ngong Ping end up in ma on shan Bbq site.

Same bus to take 84R or N84 bound to sunshine Plaza.


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