Wandering the shoreline is kinda bit stunning especially if you seems like i want to dive and swim on the ocean. Uhhh! Get your gloves on buddy 🙌🏻

Ap lei chau
🚖How to get there:

Since Mtr line built out bound to South Horizon(the green lane)

🚟Take Mtr and interchange to admiralty.

And get off in Lei tung exit B.turn Right and you’ll see the Mcdonald nearby is the bus station and that is the starting point.you can see people looks like a shoet path on your left. There is no actually a right trail going to Ap Lei Pai:

☝🏻what to bring:

Hat, 1 liters of water depends on the weather and a light snacks, gloves and wear long sleeves and hiking shoes

👇🏻See the photos below:

Views on starting point:

Landmark would be the sportsground

👇🏻Expect to  trek a rocky slippery one so you should have your gloves on your bag.

There are twi trails so straight ahead but that is the difficult one anyway.

Few more minutes and you’re in the summit.

Let’s get the adventures:



⏺ fist stone

⏺ an old parts of a ship

⏺rock climbing

*️⃣ ready to shore

⏺the Coast

​If you’ll going to take the coastal until the end of the shore you will end up in south horizon or either turn to lei tung.

You won’t get lost since you may meet many hikers. ↩️⬇️


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