Great!⛱ It’s summer hence summer is the hardest season when you’re planning to climb mountains and doing some adventures. But as i planned, i supposedly climb the highest mountain of Hongkong during winter neither spring. For the reason that i the sea clouds forming, and the frost and not being exhausted.

Tai mo shan is the highest mountain in Hongkong with an altitude of 957masl.Next is the Lantau peak and succeeded by sunset Peak.

How we started?🤔

There are a lot of options how to get here but i am sure the way we went is the easiest and views are everywhere.

🗻bring 2-3L of water during summer(there’s nowhere to get some extras;bring  light snacks



⛰extra shirts/hiking poles

🗻tent(optional) but it is the best view you can stay for overnight


🐒beware to the Monkeys

How to get there🇵🇭

➡️Get off  in Tsuen Wan mtr exit A or B and get a Mini bus 82/ kmb 51 in  shiu Wo Street⬇️

↪️And get off at the last station(end bus stop) and start your trail  in Shing Mun Countey Park

And take the left stairs towards Pineapple dam and Butterfly Paradise⤴️
Before you start your day:

Prepare yourselves and get ready to roar➰

It may takes around 1 hour including taking Picturesque when you stopped by in Pineapple dam fields.

🗻The views:

My eyes caught by these Huge Trees and it refreshens my mind.

…..continue the trail until you will reach the  road turning in to your worries you won’t get lost ‘coz that is the last trail prior you climb up the road and take the right way down(leading to Lead Mine Pass)not the upper road. Just take always the Wilson trail.Read the signage.if you want to drop by in Main dam you may Do so..

Continue following the Road.But beware of eating foods in the road, Monkeys are everywhere.yeps! That is correct..we encountered a lot of monkeys, they were harmless.they just like your foods🤣🙌🏻🐵

🗻two main roads but still take the Wilson trail Not the Ahing Mun Reservoir,okees!

🗻until you will reach the Campsite: Keep checking the pHotos below⬇️

from the road you were standing at is maclehose 7 which is bound to Tai Po.

And in front of you is now the trail where you arw going.Maclehose 8, Tai mo shan.i guess it takes for the beginner for 4 hours including taking Photos. Since mw and my buddy gotta late to start on we only took 2 hrs to climb including Photos and videos and rest.Som climbers thought we would climb for 2 1/2 hrs. Yey we didn’t🤗

Let’s Go➡️

⛰trail to expect?

It is all about stairs and rocks.

And take the right turn when you reeach the top of the stairs🦉(see the Photo⬇️)


⛰During the climb:

Take out your cameras and videos buddy🤗

Let’s get the Rock on🙊

🐮hi cows!

⛰trees. Burned trees😭

🗻to keep you in the trail, well hikers are everywhere but for only your reference.

⛰we are getting closer.

🙏now we’d reach the pavillion.take a rest. taking pictures.

⛰now let’s get the road rock on😂


⛰⬇️ i don’t know what kind of building is this.abandoned:

🗻the top yey!🤗


🗻just enjoying the view and seeing those camps downstair.well time to Go and we were lucky we stunned the sunset🌅

🗻just take the tai mo shan road until you will reach the..checkpoint?🤣⬇️


🔚 trail

⤵️ take bus 51 headed to tsuen wan Mtr railway. Get off prior to tsuen wan west Bus stop.

🔀Thank you so much😇


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