If you love Island Hopping and wanted to stay away from the crowded Place.
Po toi is one of the best small island in Hongkong.Be with your fanily, love ones and friends. To take some Picnic and sight seeing views of the ocean.🏄🏻
Two options how to get there:
🔽Aberdeen go to Aberdeen Pier and check the list of Piers bound to Po Toi.
But we started in
🔽Stanley: we took the 10-11am Time since it is a Weekends and less Hikers went through it. But during Public Holidays of course expect to fall in line and wait for the ferry to arrive.

Lesh( let’s)Go:➡️
You won’t get Lost since it is only a small island with 200 Populations and as you arrive in Po Toi, alight would be in a small Restaurant.

Once you arrived keep up and turn left. Yeps’ start within the Restaurant where you can see people eating their foods, just walk that is the right path.

Keep Goin’ ..Orayt! ↙️Rock Carving

⏯Views in rock carvings📸

↩️reverse back to go up.

It’s up to you if you want to go left or right it is still the same interconnecting trails. We took the left pathway that interjects a small but not alluring small beach in the middle anyway. And reach up the Green Pavillion.

Not this one⬇️

This beach isn’t safe for swimming.↩️

Straight ahead and meet the foot rock( anyway, the rock don’t have a name so i called it a foot as i imagine that look-like  foot)🤣

From the foot rock headed up is the (1)Monk rock and (2)turtle Rock. But i can’t see it a monk😏

Views back the trail. And explore.


⏺ got burned when we went in Po Toi so the hill was turned into ashes and deserted and dumped.


⏺ Campsite 


Down hill↩️

End: follow back trail as one Pier on this island either alight in stanley or aberdeen🛥

*️⃣you may trek the upper hill where there is a signage before the pavillion *️⃣

Po toi island
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