This is interconnected to each of every country trail in the City๐ŸŒ…๐Ÿ˜

Country trail 1 which is the Peak may start in Conduit road which probably easy until you will reach the Lung Fa shan Country trail separated and interconnected to Pinewoodbattery Trail and another route to Pokfulam Reservoir road.

Signage were every 100m so you won’t get lost and it is paved and alot of hikers, runners are going into it. You may also start in Peak Galleria and headed to Lugard road still the same.

So from Peak you may now start to Pokfulam Country trail.this is from the Peak Galleria either you may start in Aberdeen or Pokfulam.

Take bus 71 from cannaught Road in sheung wan mtr station.

Or bus minibus 91 in queen’s Road, central if you want to take Pokfulam Reservoir as your starting Point or take a Cab headed to Peak Galleria neither the three may still bound you in the trails.

โ›ฐ bring Mosquito Repellant, hat, water of course or if you either loves to stay for a while in the Picnic site.

๐Ÿž This is well shedded and Main trail is on only a good road to take at least 3.5km.

As we had on our country trail in Pokfulam:

Explore and get Curious in Prohibited area.Signage are everywhere too.

The admiration:

๐Ÿžthe Pokfulam Reservoir

๐Ÿžviews and exploration:

Let’s Go/

End trail to be continue on HT 2-3 end to Peel rise


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