Peak to Pokfulam Reservoir

From  the link Above here is the continuation if you enjoy the trails of CT 1-2 and wanted to explore the Peel rise.

Here we Go:

The are alot of options of thet trail where to start or the starting point. It is either From the wan Chai Gap or Pokfulam Reservoir neither Aberdeen.

🚖 from aberdeen Center  take the Mini Bus 51 (if you don’t like to start in Pokfulam Reservoir) but we ended in Aberdeen as we started in Peak via Pokfulam Country Trail

Continuation of the trail from Pokfulam Reservoir:

We took the prohibited area which was opened before, might be something happened and yet nowadays they closed it as no entry for unathorized Personnel.however Many hikers had been here since we saw and traipse trails inside.


From The reservoir we entered via the right pathway down the reservoir.

✔️ Photos:and connected to Peel Rise Trail

Views from the center of the reservoir:

And find a way to get out from:


Here we are Peel Rise:

⏺Aberdeen site:



Just follow the trail down the aberdeen water pump. You may end up in Wan chai Gap or end point in Aberdeen and take bus 51get off In Aberdeen Center.

Coastal Ring


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