Actually this kinda good for trail run and a family trail and headed to Dragonsback/shek O Peak.interconnected trails are so much interesting the fact that views are well interrogating bu not as much as you are expected the beautiful views.

🔴options how to get there:

You may start in shek o Road via Bus 6 from central Bus terminus exchange square.

And end to Cape Collinson Road and take Mtr chai wan🔘

Short trail let’s go:

🚌 you may take of from Chai wan mtr station exit A and straight ahead until you will pass by the Youth Square via Ling Shing  road until You reach the Cape Collinson road and you will start straight left ahead on the road of the cemetery ↩️

And you will see most of the hikers/runners went through up the stairs and there you are: the starting Point.

Views: totally haven’t time to take but you will appreciate it as you have to continue your trail in shek o Peak and end up in To Tei wan. Which you will take the dragonsback or the Hongkong trail 7 -8.

Eventually it is for everyone’s trail

Kiosk and Picnic site is available.

🔚 end trail in Siu sai wan or depends where you started. 

From cape Collinson down the siu sai wan Promenade.

🚖 take bus 82 or 85 headed to Northpoint/Quarry/


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