The best thing in here is that, you can continue your trail throughout to Pat Sin Leng (8 immortals) via Pat Sin Leng Country Trail and Hok Tau Country Trail.

Cloudy hill

Cloudy Hill  is a 440m high hill in Tai Po District of northeastern Hong Kong. It is located within Pat Sin Leng Country Park.The source of the Ma Wat River is located on Cloudy Hill. Some part of the hiking trail is very difficult to walk. Stage 9 of the Wilson Trail starts from the top of the hill.

👣DURAtion:Approx.3-4 hrs.

since i joined up the clean up drive Hk

I wasn’t able to finish the trail until Pat Sin leng(8 immortals) unexpectedly met my co hikers on my solo trail👀

⏺ how to get there:

Tai wo railway exit B walk along the highway and straight up on the subway

Straight ahead until Tai Po Road and turn Left(you’ll be going to pass by the Serenity Park) you’ll cross over the intersections between Tai Po Road and Tai po Tau Drive.Keep on the road straight ahead.

You’ll see a Public toilet at the Right, starting point.

Here it goes: take the right stairs😉

Just follow the main trail path that will lead you all the way.


And head up to Pat sin Leng Country trail via hok tau

Keep eyed to markings:👇🏻

head left from reservoir and wait for the mini green bus from hok tau village bound to Fanling station.

Straight ahead will going ti Pat sin Leng country trail(8immortals)

Thank you! Be safe😇


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