Name of the trail:The Apex

Location:Hongkong Island

Elevation Gain:823m

Max gain elev:526m


An easy short hike and the most common trail in Hk island. This is my favorite spot during my workout running.i called the Apex whereas this two Peaks stunned panoramic view of Hongkong,High West from the west and Victoria Peak from the east.

You may start from the steep Old Peak road or in the intersection between conduit Road and kennedy road head left up the hill.And begin from Morning trail.🤗 trails signage is everywhere.When you reach the Intersections in between lugardroad And Hatton Road head up in the Fitness trail on your right(look for the stairs headed down-that is bound to High West)< strong>Back to trail and run about in lugard Road and head up to Victoria Peak gArden via Mt Austin Road.< strong>Mantra:Don’t forget to Record your progress and carry a smile on your running workout🙃 Play your favorite Workout playlist🎶#youarestrongBack to the city:Easily accessible you can walk throughout in mid level escalator🚏
gt;Views:stunning and relief😘


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