You are so much-

more amazing than i expected😇

Walking along the shore

Gazing along those

Boats and ferries,

And i see you were there

Inside and busy

Stress and worry.

I looked upon the

Iridescent reflecting in to your face

Sunset answered me

He will be ok,

Before the day will ends

His stress he felt

Will vanish right away

Promise i will do the best

I can to make him feel that way

Reminiscing the movie

Will daniel is a fallen Angel

And lucy is his beloved one?

I starred those beautiful wings from sky above

Possible things will make it happen along the year and coming years,

Then i looked at those people around

Smiling,happy, excited and playing

I felt my fingers

Cold and frozen,

I blew, fist closed

I will be here again

Watching the sunset but next time

The sun will rise

And be with you😘



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