My heart sees where my eyes doesn’t

The love untold

And you look perfect

I was running out of breath

And i found a love

I want to dive but

I cannot find the lead

I almost got lost

But the terrain is too slope

i will dance under

the rain With you;

playing our favorite song

I split on my knees

Looking up the cloudy sky

And i cannot find your face

The rain drops fell Into my eyes

I winked and rubbed

To carry the missing

Kiss onto you

This time darling

I’m going to be your one

SomeOne that will make you Feel

you are not too hard to love

SomeOne that will make you smile

SomeOne that will no longer away

Miles from where we started

SomeOne that will sleep beside you

From the serenity of the night

And the first one you will see

When the sun will start to rise

Waiting for the moment.

The piece of missing i know

I can’t have right now,

How i wish i can hold a snow

A snow that will keep on my hand

Even spring and summer comes

Perfect from the escapade

I would love to walk barefooted

Naked, and in between your arms

In my hips,hold my hands and dance

Head on your shoulder

Your smell leaves me behind

Our eyes meet

And you just said

You are so beautiful,

Warm embrace from you

I thought it could be true

I opened my teary eyes

Still the day i found you

Will no longer be mine

And will always leave

You where you belong

I thought i like you

the way You look onto me

to like me the most

Your eyes, your smile

Your hair, your warm touch

taunted me

The deep conversations

Is the best feeling we had

The things i get to know about you

Is the things you were so proud of

Knowing me more attached into your life

Sometimes –

Just sometimes

Good to be in goodbyes

And goodbyes doesn’t meant


I am pretty sure

I didn’t met you

For nothing.

It’s just sometimes-

Someone will found

The love into me

A piece of loving

And yet the worse among the worst

Is to love The person

Who can’t love

You back



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