you dig me into the deep shells

my shadows i can’t find

she likes you

i like you

you love me

she loves you

the words were confusing

it’s a state of anarchy,

my mind conspiring

a mutiny against heart

if my mind wins,

i shall lose my heart.

if my heart does,

i won’t ever have a

thing in my mind again.

if your heart hurts,

think  twice and thrice

after letting go-.

that is okay.

your feelings are genuine

no one ever look at it

no one likes pain,

things were put  to an end

they turn to toxic well being.

you started to talk

he lean to ignores you,

he started to speak

you listened till the end.

the ironic is,

you like him

he hates you

you started to runaway,

he pulled u back

you keep on waiting

time bound wasted.

time, the scariest word

you had ever heard

do you ever feel like being ignored?

do you ever feel like being down?

Have u ever runaway?

do you ever lock your room?

when you scream and no one

hears you?

now, you don’t know what it is like

to be kick when you’re down

to be used and depart

left and undone.

the beauty with a smile

the body he loves

the soul he hasn’t seen

the smell of your fragrance

the smooth silky hair,

the windows of your eyes

the muscle of your tongue,

the shin of your legs

the sole of your feet,

how strong you are-

from the man who tried to broke you

and started to like you

and in the end to love you.

you are too young

to be hurt this much,

and life is so short

to throw it all away

the pain and madness

the grief of your heart

the tears of your eyes

isn’t it worth fighting for

or to deserve keeping in?

a person who isn’t

capable of loving you:

is the person not

to worth to love for.

take it easy milady

it would be dull life

if you aren’t love

and to be loved,

if you weren’t learn to be hurt.

the guy who once hurt you

will someday the same guy

who will try to win you back.

flower’s soul


#poetry #poem #women #womenempowerment #love #passion #happiness #penandpaper #literature


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