I met this lady

To befriend

Better than anyone else

All i know is just said


I know it’s a simple day

To brighten my day.

All my days

since the Race,

Everything has changed.

The simple chats,

The simple hi’s

The simple shares

Stories and tell.

Routine of yours

Behind those doors

From your ordinary days

Special made by your vibes.

Let’s go back to the gun start

Encircle my mind

Seeing your gorgeous smile,

Impressed from your

Bibliophile words

from Your intricate work

Regress to progress.

Reminisced the trails,

Uphill and downhill

You made a trace

To make me amaze.

I held my pole

And you got it all

The strength from

The length,

Of the distance


To walk onto you

And climb with you.

I look at your legs

You were in agony of pain

I want to help you

But i don’t know

why I couldn’t do;

Nothing makes me worried

The grimace in your face.

The fact that your strength

Your positivity

And motivations

Inspired me more and more.

Guilt and smile;

When we trek the trails

The talks we had

Inside the cab and pub,

To cross the line

We arrived.

When you said hey

“Trust me, we’ll be ok

And safe To lay.

The smile you carried along the way


In your face.

And i’m more grateful

When i got your number

Dialled and saved.

After the short break

From my reverie in your place

You are now miles away

Facing my phone

Laptop and desktop,

Numbers in and alphabets were

A beep from my phone

grab and turn it on

The curve from my face

Fades the frown i made.

Milady, i called

A strong woman

I have to known

Be known

And unbeknownst.

Some thing came into

My mind,

This lady i had to known

Made a simple things

To keep worth

Appreciated for.

From your weakest link

And you’re wicked witch

To make a spell

And let the days hell.

Your introvert mind

Is one of a kind.

You’re kindhearted woman

Where somebody’s caught by a man.

the motivations i get

the more inspiration i have.

works sucks

but you made me tough.

i open my eyes

“oh wells what a life”,

and you said

close them and hide,

than a life of

“what if’s dwell.

the longer talking to you

the more length u let me into

your life,

your savoire fare,


a feminine with finesse

sophisticated and aplomb.

oh! milady,

tongue tied


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