Find a place

A nowhere To be found,

You taught and i listened

A homework to be made

EnList and demo

I followed and chased.

Every moment,

Every words you utter

Bloom my cheeks better.

Every minute and

A Seconds we spent

the whole night,

The warm of your kiss

Your body shivers

Your touch lingering on me

Taunted me to do more

And more

Crazy and explore;

Experience to a fun thing.

The mist that surrounds


But nobody

Is around.

Your smile

Your tantalizing eyes

Staring into mine.

Light a smoke,

a sisha to blew.

Makes me wonder

to wander.

Sitting next to you

Holding my hands.

Caress my legs,

hair And touch my face

Posterior hand

care it the most.

Bottonless and dress down,

Pulled me closer

The more you get into mine

Lift up my legs,

And harder i felt.

Your hairy chest,

Kissed a lips in smell.

Holding yours and play

What a relay raleigh

The loud i moan into his

grab my hair

Pull back into yours

Down my hips

Waist and breast

Played to his

Smooth and caress

Up and down

Air isn’t around!

Oh!myFifty shades

More breathes

To blade.

Breaking time

Sweat and done.

starred my body,

Kissing me and

hugs tightly.

The coldness of the air

Triggers my body

To be warm by yours.

The amber up above

Sitting on the bench

Deep conversation

Gesture motion.

How great is the night

Wishing i own you

Till the sun will rise



The vision i made

Sliding my head

Lying on your chest

The heat it cause

Made us to pause.

The night to remember

Will it be better

To kept in the drawer

The lust and affection

Wild naughty reflection.

I thank thee to apart

Started down to depart

A hand that held

A reckon below the belt

a kiss from you

Road to walk

I to the left and you

To the Right.



And third time around

I’m always here

And you were there

To have an amazing fun

night of a knight.


a mighty man




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