Where i can shed it

From the windows

Of my soul

It was dusty,



I blink and


I smirk when

I felt sarcastic

I smile everyday.

I tried to be calm

Peaceful and free

I fly like an eagle

And climb like

A monkey.

From the dim

Into the dark i was

At the moment,

I saw my shadow

But there’s no light.

I stood and steady

And my mind works

My thoughts

My brain function

And defines what should

I do and don’t.

And you reminisce,

I moved on but you came

You crossed over

I passed.

I said it’s enough

Coz the smile you gave

Me from the

Time you’d left

I am still wearing it

All through out

Of my day.

You wanted mySoul

to come back

Onto you.

Yet the words

It came out

Into my mouth;

Much has been said.

Find yourself

Find happiness

And when the time comes,

Then that’s the time

You will find the

Missing half

Of yours.

Either i or anybody else

Or just stay where you

Were at the

First place.

Happiness gave you the

Reason to live

Like sadness found you

Like you did.


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