I wonder

Why crab became a cancer

It’s not a disease but i called

It’s a fortune.

Hanging out with friends

Loads of fun, laughter and foods.

Unending chats and a romantic stories

i saw a guy,

sitting alone

enjoying his foods

looking around the vicinity.

I waved him,


“,hi!would you like to join us?.

he smiled.

He joined!

I replied with a sweet smile

From his adorable

lovely eyes.

I can’t say he’s a little

bit arrogant,


He’s a guy with a

strong personality,

I guess.

Physically masculine,

Broad shoulder

Wide range biceps

Glaring him steadily

Saw his sad eyes


I sat beside my friend,

Named holly,

A story she untold

Between her and damn boyfriend.

To make her feel better,

To lift her and cheer her up

It’s powerpuff time.

a glanced,starred

Towards my eyes;

I bow my head, and look around.

The next time around.

Seeing him goodbyes

With a compliments of his.

From annoying friends i have

He’s upset

A little bit sadness on his eyes

As we walked away

I looked back

But he never turn his

Back at all.

I accidentally met a guy

Who’s good looking

An impression of being

Haughty but naughty

To look upon,

Adjacently to my thoughts

My subconscious spoke

Walking along the streets

My eyes with them

With friend’s laughter

A great night to hang out.


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