Have you ever thought

Finding your soulmate

From the right place

But At the wrong time?

Have you ever felt

The feelin’

She is the one,

He is the right one?

We found ourselves

Meeting someone

Whom we thought

She is the perfect girl

The best man for you.

We sometimes looking for someone

Who can fulfill our own flaws,


And sometimes we prove

Ourselves that we already

Lose the right one

For us.

Looking for something

That she’s already enough

Above all everything.

why sometimes

We can’t find the right

One when u already

Holding the best one.

We always

Closed our eyes

Without knowing

Your shadow existed.


Love, hatred,lust

Believe, trust,fears

Honesty and faith

Will keep holding

And treasure


Time flies

Worth the hands


to hold


Cry and smile

But that doesn’t mean

You are weak.

It means that you

Became more lovable

When you are

With the person

You wanted to spend

Your time,

your effort.

You may think

That destiny will

Find away

But it already happened.

Knowing someone

To accept who you are

Your flaws, imperfections


To love you

Not what you have

But to love you who

Really you are.

To wake up

With a


That the sun

Will surely get


The bright moon

At night

Will levitate

On his body,

Face and closely eyes

Deep sleep.

But who will you be

When the monsters have

All fallen

From your soul?

And in the end your soul

Will take

For granted

By those monster?

And it hurts-

Pain stays.

Teary eyes




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