I Remember those days

The feeling of being a strangers

The thoughts of liking a person

With a sweet smile, a thoughtful behaviour

Then it came those days

The real mingle to twingle

Your sweet face and lovely hugs

Your words that came out from your mouth

Wishing I could swallow them all.

Your skin beneath my skin

All through the night in your arms

Holding your hands

While walking on the streets

Is this love?

Lust? or—-

It is just a play game from your own list?

Confusing but still surprising

The moment being with you

I made the most precious key

Of my heart of happiness.

I remember when we went into a place I’d never been

Seventeen floor, push button

Escalate and lifted up

Views and scenery

A surprise from you to me

Your arms around my waist

Your kiss onto my neck

Your fingers into my hair

Those small, tall and numerous buildings

A heart beats of bliss

Being with you unexplainable

I wish I could be with you

And the world will stop revolving

But if this is only a happiness

Of companionship

I will still treasure and a joy to be

With the person I never thought I could be with

Those hands of yours closed to mine

Wishing I won’t let it go

Your eyes, your nose, your sweet lips into mine

Last day of your time

A cycle of visits that it won’t happen all the time

I know one day I wasn’t be here

Or forever be here

I do hope I will come into your mind

That some things and place that would remind me to you

I felt sad and raptured of bliss

The last hugs I had

The last kiss I hid

The last moment to be with you

Won’t be the last

I remember again

Watching you sleeping

The whole night of peace,

Hugs and kisses

Giving you a warm embrace

Knight of the night

A stories to tell

The smile who caught you

The brown skin who got you

And the letters you received

All I found I thought

it Would be everything

A minute from the time we’d talk

And a second I found

I  lost you

I checked I couldn’t see

Fears and tears from my eyes

My mind scribbled of a mazed

I never get responded from the mail I sent

The meaning of every three days of us;

The subtle and stumble

of my heart To crumble,

The smile of curve began to draw of sadness.

is this over? and will start all over again

A new person to Meet

They will always leave you

There’s nothing I could say to you

There’s nothing I could do to

Make you see

What you do to me

All the pain and tears I cried

Afraid you might say goodbye

The promise you’d made

Dinner together

Your arms on my body

Walking and dreaming together

Watching and stories to share

I woke up like this

With a smile and sadness

The man I wanted to

To start to like you

The way you like me the most

But the time I heard

Your voice

The time you always checked on me

I never felt the same way today

I miss the man I first met

The unexpected call when he misses me

The call of midnight

From the time frame of difference

The effort you’d made

To reach a woman

Who made you smile

From exhausted travel around the world

But the woman you had first admire

Your eyes found attractive by your heart

Will always await you here

Forever and always


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