Cloudy hill wilson trail 8

Cloudy hill wilson trail 8

The best thing in here is that, you can continue your trail throughout to Pat Sin Leng (8 immortals) via Pat Sin Leng Country Trail and Hok Tau Country Trail.

Cloudy hill

Cloudy Hill  is a 440m high hill in Tai Po District of northeastern Hong Kong. It is located within Pat Sin Leng Country Park.The source of the Ma Wat River is located on Cloudy Hill. Some part of the hiking trail is very difficult to walk. Stage 9 of the Wilson Trail starts from the top of the hill.

👣DURAtion:Approx.3-4 hrs.

since i joined up the clean up drive Hk

I wasn’t able to finish the trail until Pat Sin leng(8 immortals) unexpectedly met my co hikers on my solo trail👀

⏺ how to get there:

Tai wo railway exit B walk along the highway and straight up on the subway

Straight ahead until Tai Po Road and turn Left(you’ll be going to pass by the Serenity Park) you’ll cross over the intersections between Tai Po Road and Tai po Tau Drive.Keep on the road straight ahead.

You’ll see a Public toilet at the Right, starting point.

Here it goes: take the right stairs😉

Just follow the main trail path that will lead you all the way.


And head up to Pat sin Leng Country trail via hok tau

Keep eyed to markings:👇🏻

head left from reservoir and wait for the mini green bus from hok tau village bound to Fanling station.

Straight ahead will going ti Pat sin Leng country trail(8immortals)

Thank you! Be safe😇


Lamma Island trail

Lamma Island trail

Here’s the one way gettin’ to know about lamma. Since i had some friends and acquainted known people living there, i was attache to the island with its beauty and serenity. People from Hk island get to know the Lamma that is one of the calmness and a great place to unwind.

Trails ✔️ seafoods restaurant ✔️ beach’s ✔️ (PS. lamma island beaches has the top 3 among the fascinating beaches entire Hongkong.Views ✔️ Community ✔️ looking for a good Running workout ✔️ cafès✔️ warmth community ✔️

Take the Pier 4 in central: either you will start yoir trail in Yung shue wan or Sok kwu wan is still the same😬 here’s the list:👇🏻

Source:Google 😹

O’right!i’ll start in yung shue wan

You will pass by these beautiful crafts not crop✖️😹.you won’t get lost as there are signage on the street.

A views from within👇🏻you may love to stand for:


You may start your trail when you pass by the hsbc atm machine on your left/

or you may just follow the main road/street and turn left again once you see the SHELL gas station sign:

Just continue the trail as it is paved.

If you want to see the lamma winds. You may take left side from the intersections: I don’t know if 500-1km up above to reach the lamma wind station. You may pass by this kind of art 👇🏻 thatt cAught me.

From the lamma wind there is a 50m stairway.pavilion lookout. 

Since i am curious and exploring the place, i saw a man on the pavilion and asked if there is a way headed to the other hills. Be careful as during summer, they said that wild spiders are everywhere luckily i haven’t seen.I followed the trail from the pavilion headed to the summit.


Back trail headed down and follow the road.until you will reach the beach. Ended in So kwu wan.🛳 i took the yung shue wan trail when i am familiariazing the area. Until i get used to it.

Or if you want to wish to start from sok kwu wan🛥same pier 4 in central.I started my trail headed to mo tat when i took my trail run.and captivated views when i reach the summit in ling kok shan, pavilion look out and tin hau temple.

While on the boat:::

Sok kwu wan pier:

Read the Info from the pier. It helps/

Turn left:to mo tat, follow the road and read signs turn right when you reach the intersections on a paved trail.Which headed to tung o or shek pai wan.

Either you want to climb the ling kok shan just before the Public toilet or continue the road headed to Tung O.both paveway and it will intersected on the same trail. 

A.🎯 you’ll going to pass by a small village.

Still continue(hoping you followed as i both combined the two routes)

👉🏻TUNG O via shek pai wan

So i passed by a small village again and i was surprised when i passed by the beach with full pf rubbish and plastics.

From here turn right headed to pavilion you’ll see an Pccw emergency hotline take the stairs.✍🏻

From here you’ll reach the intersection to ling kok shan, you’ll see a shed to rest off.

You can go up to the pavilion lookout where i took the photo above😅👆🏻

👣B. From public toilet during your trail way back to this sign:take the right stairs. Be ready because your knees and harmstring needs a massive strength.

And beware of snakes😅 i almost step on it during my trail run🐍🕸🕷🐜


THE MOUNT STENHOUSE IS OPPOSITE OF LING KOK SHAN.bushwacking route headed to that trails:

And again from the top of the hill.

Views in lamma island arise⛰

Head down and still, you’ll always intersect to the shed when you take the option A.🙃🙂 follow the trail down headed to sok kwu wan or if you want to end your trail in yung shue wan can be. Family trail will guide you😂😇

Another thing i noticed in sok kwu wan was i keep on looking the kamikaze grottos. When i found it:

No signage. No more post to read about the tunnel history of they called kamikaze. During the japanese world war II.

Art craft:

Beaches are everywhere in Lamma. I stopped and swim😊🏝🏖 isn’t it amazing⛱

Always wear a big smile when you take an adventure..

Mt stenhouse

Keep reading🤓


CT2-3 Pokfulam Reservoir to Peel Rise

CT2-3 Pokfulam Reservoir to Peel Rise

Peak to Pokfulam Reservoir

From  the link Above here is the continuation if you enjoy the trails of CT 1-2 and wanted to explore the Peel rise.

Here we Go: 

The are alot of options of thet trail where to start or the starting point. It is either From the wan Chai Gap or Pokfulam Reservoir neither Aberdeen.

🚖 from aberdeen Center  take the Mini Bus 51 (if you don’t like to start in Pokfulam Reservoir) but we ended in Aberdeen as we started in Peak via Pokfulam Country Trail

Continuation of the trail from Pokfulam Reservoir:

We took the prohibited area which was opened before, might be something happened and yet nowadays they closed it as no entry for unathorized Personnel.however Many hikers had been here since we saw and traipse trails inside.


From The reservoir we entered via the right pathway down the reservoir.

✔️ Photos:and connected to Peel Rise Trail

Views from the center of the reservoir:

And find a way to get out from:


Here we are Peel Rise:

⏺Aberdeen site:



Just follow the trail down the aberdeen water pump. You may end up in Wan chai Gap or end point in Aberdeen and take bus 51get off In Aberdeen Center.

Coastal Ring

CT1-2 Peak-Pokfulam Reservoir

CT1-2 Peak-Pokfulam Reservoir


This is interconnected to each of every country trail in the City🌅🏘

Country trail 1 which is the Peak may start in Conduit road which probably easy until you will reach the Lung Fa shan Country trail separated and interconnected to Pinewoodbattery Trail and another route to Pokfulam Reservoir road.

Signage were every 100m so you won’t get lost and it is paved and alot of hikers, runners are going into it. You may also start in Peak Galleria and headed to Lugard road still the same.

So from Peak you may now start to Pokfulam Country trail.this is from the Peak Galleria either you may start in Aberdeen or Pokfulam.

Take bus 71 from cannaught Road in sheung wan mtr station.

Or bus minibus 91 in queen’s Road, central if you want to take Pokfulam Reservoir as your starting Point or take a Cab headed to Peak Galleria neither the three may still bound you in the trails.

⛰ bring Mosquito Repellant, hat, water of course or if you either loves to stay for a while in the Picnic site.

🏞 This is well shedded and Main trail is on only a good road to take at least 3.5km.

As we had on our country trail in Pokfulam:

Explore and get Curious in Prohibited area.Signage are everywhere too.

The admiration:

🏞the Pokfulam Reservoir

🏞views and exploration:

Let’s Go/

End trail to be continue on HT 2-3 end to Peel rise 

Pottinger Peak CT20

Pottinger Peak CT20

Actually this kinda good for trail run and a family trail and headed to Dragonsback/shek O Peak.interconnected trails are so much interesting the fact that views are well interrogating bu not as much as you are expected the beautiful views.

🔴options how to get there:

You may start in shek o Road via Bus 6 from central Bus terminus exchange square.

And end to Cape Collinson Road and take Mtr chai wan🔘

Short trail let’s go:

🚌 you may take of from Chai wan mtr station exit A and straight ahead until you will pass by the Youth Square via Ling Shing  road until You reach the Cape Collinson road and you will start straight left ahead on the road of the cemetery ↩️

And you will see most of the hikers/runners went through up the stairs and there you are: the starting Point.

Views: totally haven’t time to take but you will appreciate it as you have to continue your trail in shek o Peak and end up in To Tei wan. Which you will take the dragonsback or the Hongkong trail 7 -8.

Eventually it is for everyone’s trail

Kiosk and Picnic site is available.

🔚 end trail in Siu sai wan or depends where you started. 

From cape Collinson down the siu sai wan Promenade.

🚖 take bus 82 or 85 headed to Northpoint/Quarry/

Po Toi Island 

Po Toi Island 

If you love Island Hopping and wanted to stay away from the crowded Place.
Po toi is one of the best small island in Hongkong.Be with your fanily, love ones and friends. To take some Picnic and sight seeing views of the ocean.🏄🏻
Two options how to get there:
🔽Aberdeen go to Aberdeen Pier and check the list of Piers bound to Po Toi.
But we started in
🔽Stanley: we took the 10-11am Time since it is a Weekends and less Hikers went through it. But during Public Holidays of course expect to fall in line and wait for the ferry to arrive.

Lesh( let’s)Go:➡️
You won’t get Lost since it is only a small island with 200 Populations and as you arrive in Po Toi, alight would be in a small Restaurant.

Once you arrived keep up and turn left. Yeps’ start within the Restaurant where you can see people eating their foods, just walk that is the right path.

Keep Goin’ ..Orayt! ↙️Rock Carving

⏯Views in rock carvings📸

↩️reverse back to go up.

It’s up to you if you want to go left or right it is still the same interconnecting trails. We took the left pathway that interjects a small but not alluring small beach in the middle anyway. And reach up the Green Pavillion.

Not this one⬇️

This beach isn’t safe for swimming.↩️

Straight ahead and meet the foot rock( anyway, the rock don’t have a name so i called it a foot as i imagine that look-like  foot)🤣

From the foot rock headed up is the (1)Monk rock and (2)turtle Rock. But i can’t see it a monk😏

Views back the trail. And explore.


⏺ got burned when we went in Po Toi so the hill was turned into ashes and deserted and dumped.


⏺ Campsite 


Down hill↩️

End: follow back trail as one Pier on this island either alight in stanley or aberdeen🛥

*️⃣you may trek the upper hill where there is a signage before the pavillion *️⃣

Po toi island
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Tai Mo Shan trail-maclehose 8

Tai Mo Shan trail-maclehose 8

Great!⛱ It’s summer hence summer is the hardest season when you’re planning to climb mountains and doing some adventures. But as i planned, i supposedly climb the highest mountain of Hongkong during winter neither spring. For the reason that i the sea clouds forming, and the frost and not being exhausted.

Tai mo shan is the highest mountain in Hongkong with an altitude of 957masl.Next is the Lantau peak and succeeded by sunset Peak.

How we started?🤔

There are a lot of options how to get here but i am sure the way we went is the easiest and views are everywhere.

🗻bring 2-3L of water during summer(there’s nowhere to get some extras;bring  light snacks



⛰extra shirts/hiking poles

🗻tent(optional) but it is the best view you can stay for overnight


🐒beware to the Monkeys

How to get there🇵🇭

➡️Get off  in Tsuen Wan mtr exit A or B and get a Mini bus 82/ kmb 51 in  shiu Wo Street⬇️

↪️And get off at the last station(end bus stop) and start your trail  in Shing Mun Countey Park

And take the left stairs towards Pineapple dam and Butterfly Paradise⤴️
Before you start your day:

Prepare yourselves and get ready to roar➰

It may takes around 1 hour including taking Picturesque when you stopped by in Pineapple dam fields.

🗻The views:

My eyes caught by these Huge Trees and it refreshens my mind.

…..continue the trail until you will reach the  road turning in to your worries you won’t get lost ‘coz that is the last trail prior you climb up the road and take the right way down(leading to Lead Mine Pass)not the upper road. Just take always the Wilson trail.Read the signage.if you want to drop by in Main dam you may Do so..

Continue following the Road.But beware of eating foods in the road, Monkeys are everywhere.yeps! That is correct..we encountered a lot of monkeys, they were harmless.they just like your foods🤣🙌🏻🐵

🗻two main roads but still take the Wilson trail Not the Ahing Mun Reservoir,okees!

🗻until you will reach the Campsite: Keep checking the pHotos below⬇️

from the road you were standing at is maclehose 7 which is bound to Tai Po.

And in front of you is now the trail where you arw going.Maclehose 8, Tai mo shan.i guess it takes for the beginner for 4 hours including taking Photos. Since mw and my buddy gotta late to start on we only took 2 hrs to climb including Photos and videos and rest.Som climbers thought we would climb for 2 1/2 hrs. Yey we didn’t🤗

Let’s Go➡️

⛰trail to expect?

It is all about stairs and rocks.

And take the right turn when you reeach the top of the stairs🦉(see the Photo⬇️)


⛰During the climb:

Take out your cameras and videos buddy🤗

Let’s get the Rock on🙊

🐮hi cows!

⛰trees. Burned trees😭

🗻to keep you in the trail, well hikers are everywhere but for only your reference.

⛰we are getting closer.

🙏now we’d reach the pavillion.take a rest. taking pictures.

⛰now let’s get the road rock on😂


⛰⬇️ i don’t know what kind of building is this.abandoned:

🗻the top yey!🤗


🗻just enjoying the view and seeing those camps downstair.well time to Go and we were lucky we stunned the sunset🌅

🗻just take the tai mo shan road until you will reach the..checkpoint?🤣⬇️


🔚 trail

⤵️ take bus 51 headed to tsuen wan Mtr railway. Get off prior to tsuen wan west Bus stop.

🔀Thank you so much😇