Sometimes the truth can be a tough pill to swallow, but it’s better to face the facts and accept reality than to drag yourself on with false hope and excuses, dreaming of a future that will never come true.

If he really wanted you, he’d be with you.

No one in this world is 24/7 busy.

If he really wanted to be with you,let him do his own way.Worth effort deserves a gift of love.

If he genuinely wanted you in his life, As his girlfriend,as his partner, as his future wife, then he’d make you a priority. He’d treat you with respect and devotion, not indifference. He’d go out of his way to show you how much you mean to him and how you’re always on his mind – not make you an afterthought. If he’s not showing you he wants you in his life, telling you he wants to be with you, then it’s time to give up on the dream and to start the process of moving on. It’s better to rip the band-aid off quickly than to peel it off slowly. You’ll only end up hurting more in the long run.

So many women make the mistake of hanging on, of dreaming of a second chance or a change of heart or mind. They sit and pine for weeks or months, wishing he’d come back to them, wishing he’d see how good they could be together and what they could have. The harsh truth is that if he wanted to be with them, he would. If he’s ever going to come back, then it will happen regardless of how much time you spend chasing him or hoping for him to change his mind. There were times that once you’re apart from each other or he stopped communicating to you, you would think there’s something wrong.Or he disappeared like a raindrops,you chased, you made an effort,he doesn’t seen your worth.If they don’t want to be with you, let them go.

Sometimes it can be harder to let go than others. If he’s an asshole, or manipulative, or childish, it’s much easier to wrap your head around the thought of being without him. But when he’s a genuinely good guy, who only wants the best for both of you and is trying his best to do the right thing, it’s a whole other story. It often hurts that much more knowing what a great guy he is and how good you could be for each other. No matter how much you love him, or how much he tells you he loves you; Or how much he likes you, adores you or No matter how much fun you had together, how well he treated you, or how many nights you spent lying awake and talking or laughing together until the sun came up, he doesn’t want to be with you. And that’s okay, because one day you’ll find someone who does – but it’s not him.

We often try to tell ourselves during a breakup that it’s not the end. It’s normal to try and reassure yourself, to tell yourself that he needs space, and that given time he’ll change his mind, or that all you need to do is convince him or make him see things from a different perspective and he’ll come around. It’s usually not that simple, however. If he doesn’t know in his heart, just as strongly as you do, that he wants you in his life, then it’s not meant to be.

Many women seem to make the mistake of believing that their partner should be the core component of their life, something that the rest of their existence is built around. Live your life for you. Learn to be enough for yourself, and to be comfortable with and happy in your own company. You’ll find that true love happens when you stop searching for it and become enough for yourself. Let him go, move on, and live life for yourself. You don’t need anyone.

You’ll never see a strong woman begging for attention. She will never be interested in begging for love either. When a strong woman feels unwanted, she simply leaves the situation.

women don’t have time for toxic relationships where she becomes unappreciated. Absence is her gift to those who don’t understand what it means to be in her presence.

A person who really wants you to stay in his life, there is no if’s,no but,no excuses.Cutting someone in our lives nothing makes different from leaving behind the bed after making love.People will stay with you no matter what.So stop doing something to make him come back.Hug your favorite stuffs,squeeze your pillow and love yourself.You will find someone, the right person, when the time is right.

People will truly appreciate you when you stop doing so without him–—and he lose you.




Love can hurt sometimes

But loving can heal

The soul of your heart

Is missing

You’re leaving and

I’m staying.

You will come back

And that is to wait you each time

We will make a deep memories

Our eyes and breathe are taken

Hugs and kisses were blending

Loving can mend my soul

And if you hurt me

That’s ok baby 

I‘ll just cry at the corner.

Wash and shed the tears 

made of pain and sadness

And in the moonlight,

My heart will heal

And remember that;

In Every piece of me

You will see me in front of your


You will look around

Your eyes couldn’t see

What your heart could see.

The laughter that sunshine

Your beautiful face,

The amazing confident body.

When you’re away 

And leave me bleeding

It’s ok darling;

Only the pages of words are crying

And i won’t let it go

I won’t let it happen.

I will be….

Making things for ourselves

Between two hearts

And yet i found out

Is there be us?

“There is a difference between a guy who kind

Of likes you and a Man who wants your soul

Next to his”-

vision du coeur

vision du coeur

I Remember those days

The feeling of being a strangers

The thoughts of liking a person

With a sweet smile, a thoughtful behaviour

Then it came those days

The real mingle to twingle

Your sweet face and lovely hugs

Your words that came out from your mouth

Wishing I could swallow them all.

Your skin beneath my skin

All through the night in your arms

Holding your hands

While walking on the streets

Is this love?

Lust? or—-

It is just a play game from your own list?

Confusing but still surprising

The moment being with you

I made the most precious key

Of my heart of happiness.

I remember when we went into a place I’d never been

Seventeen floor, push button

Escalate and lifted up

Views and scenery

A surprise from you to me

Your arms around my waist

Your kiss onto my neck

Your fingers into my hair

Those small, tall and numerous buildings

A heart beats of bliss

Being with you unexplainable

I wish I could be with you

And the world will stop revolving

But if this is only a happiness

Of companionship

I will still treasure and a joy to be

With the person I never thought I could be with

Those hands of yours closed to mine

Wishing I won’t let it go

Your eyes, your nose, your sweet lips into mine

Last day of your time

A cycle of visits that it won’t happen all the time

I know one day I wasn’t be here

Or forever be here

I do hope I will come into your mind

That some things and place that would remind me to you

I felt sad and raptured of bliss

The last hugs I had

The last kiss I hid

The last moment to be with you

Won’t be the last

I remember again

Watching you sleeping

The whole night of peace,

Hugs and kisses

Giving you a warm embrace

Knight of the night

A stories to tell

The smile who caught you

The brown skin who got you

And the letters you received

All I found I thought

it Would be everything

A minute from the time we’d talk

And a second I found

I  lost you

I checked I couldn’t see

Fears and tears from my eyes

My mind scribbled of a mazed

I never get responded from the mail I sent

The meaning of every three days of us;

The subtle and stumble

of my heart To crumble,

The smile of curve began to draw of sadness.

is this over? and will start all over again

A new person to Meet

They will always leave you

There’s nothing I could say to you

There’s nothing I could do to

Make you see

What you do to me

All the pain and tears I cried

Afraid you might say goodbye

The promise you’d made

Dinner together

Your arms on my body

Walking and dreaming together

Watching and stories to share

I woke up like this

With a smile and sadness

The man I wanted to

To start to like you

The way you like me the most

But the time I heard

Your voice

The time you always checked on me

I never felt the same way today

I miss the man I first met

The unexpected call when he misses me

The call of midnight

From the time frame of difference

The effort you’d made

To reach a woman

Who made you smile

From exhausted travel around the world

But the woman you had first admire

Your eyes found attractive by your heart

Will always await you here

Forever and always



Have you ever thought

Finding your soulmate

From the right place

But At the wrong time?

Have you ever felt

The feelin’

She is the one,

He is the right one?

We found ourselves

Meeting someone

Whom we thought

She is the perfect girl

The best man for you.

We sometimes looking for someone

Who can fulfill our own flaws,


And sometimes we prove

Ourselves that we already

Lose the right one

For us.

Looking for something

That she’s already enough

Above all everything.

why sometimes

We can’t find the right

One when u already

Holding the best one.

We always

Closed our eyes

Without knowing

Your shadow existed.


Love, hatred,lust

Believe, trust,fears

Honesty and faith

Will keep holding

And treasure


Time flies

Worth the hands


to hold


Cry and smile

But that doesn’t mean

You are weak.

It means that you

Became more lovable

When you are

With the person

You wanted to spend

Your time,

your effort.

You may think

That destiny will

Find away

But it already happened.

Knowing someone

To accept who you are

Your flaws, imperfections


To love you

Not what you have

But to love you who

Really you are.

To wake up

With a


That the sun

Will surely get


The bright moon

At night

Will levitate

On his body,

Face and closely eyes

Deep sleep.

But who will you be

When the monsters have

All fallen

From your soul?

And in the end your soul

Will take

For granted

By those monster?

And it hurts-

Pain stays.

Teary eyes



Sports Fitness and Health

article Credited from:

Today’s Interviewee:

👩🏽 Ms. Catherine Duque

🌏 Born in the Philippines

🏫 Graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

👜 Registered Nurse in the Philippines & caregiver in Hong Kong

Ms. Catherine Duque is one of the most sporty, positive and happy Filipinos that I’ve ever met in my whole life. Seeing her posts about fitness, sports and women empowerment motivates me to workout more. I look up to Ms Catherine so much! I hope this article would be of use to you as well 🙂 Miss Catherine worked really hard for every competition and is now qualified to join the 2018 Spartan World Championship which will be held in September at North Lake Tahoe. She is the first ever Filipina that got a rank in the Spartan Race Spring Event in Hong Kong. However, to join the Spartan World Championship, she has to pay for the registration fee to claim the spot and has to deal with Visa, accommodation and plane ticket in order to get there. Miss Catherine will be competing for our Country in this World Championship. It’s a great way to tell the world that us Filipinos deserve a place in Sports too and that Filipinos are not only good at singing but so as in sports. We hope that she’ll get the sponsorship that she deserves!

——————– Interview Starts Here ——————–


Q. I believe that fitness and health are important to you, because from your Instagram, I see that you like running, hiking and doing yoga. What other sports do you enjoy doing on your free time? And how do you incorporate exercise into your life?

A. I enjoyed doing activities in different ways, running is part of my sports that I didn’t expect to be in favour of spending more of my time, hiking is where I started as my leisure activity since I came here in Hong Kong. I like yoga as well as it helps me in running and hiking. Badminton is my preferred sports since I was a kid, I tried baseball and volleyball when I was in high school. I also tried kayaking, rock climbing and bouldering to spend my free time. Sometimes I do hiking and end up to the beach. I’d grab my books and read there, write some poetry or play my guitar to soothe the emotions I felt.


Q. In all those sports, which one is your favourite? And what was your fondest memory of playing this sport?

A. I don’t have a favourite because I love all of them. I like to explore my limits while doing things that I don’t think I can do, like running. I started in hiking, then I tried running which then I became obsessed and still continue to be part of my routine. My routine also includes playing rugby. I was a member to Team Exile HK which is open to everyone.


Q. How did your healthy lifestyle get started? What was the trigger?

A. I think it started when I was in college but I didn’t spend all my time into sports. I was part of the mountaineering club way back in college. When I started to work in Hong Kong, I noticed and knew that trails in Hong Kong are free and much safer than in the Philippines. This provoked me to try to wander in nature trails, and I realized what I wanted to be which made who I am now.


Q. What was the greatest lesson you learned from sports that has helped you in the other areas of life?

A. Sports made a huge impact to me, when comparing from who I was before to who I am now. Mentally, I’ve become so positive. I have these positive mantras in my head, I can meditate when I feel stressed, I share to others what I had learned. physically, I am in good shape, I’m very disciplined when it comes to food— I cut off junk foods and unhealthy ones of course. Spiritually, I always put God and my family to the center of everything. So if you’re thinking of having a healthier lifestyle? Go grab your shoes, get your mat and carry your positive smile, be away from the city so you can see how beautiful life is and I consider sports to be my continued learning.


Q. What is your biggest accomplishment?

A. My biggest accomplishment would be when I was qualified to join the Spartan Race Championship in the U.S and enlisted as one of the Spartan Top Tier Spartan Athletes of the year, which I was entitled as the first Filipina who got into Podium finisher, second placer from Age Category in Spartan race SPRINT Hong Kong April 2018.


Q. What is your personal goal for this sport?

A. I enjoy running in the trail, I haven’t been a competitive racer. Seeing those stunning views is enough, no matter what the outcome is. The smile I carry throughout the race will still be the smile I have when I cross the line. That’s what matter most to me, to finish my own race as long as I catch up the given cut-off time. That is already a thing to be proud of.


Q. Who is your role model? Who do you look up to?

A. I have a lot of role models in the world, but in running, I was inspired by my teammate Adel Albarin, she is one among those elite Filipino runners based in Hong Kong. Sandhi Menchi who is an elite young runner from the Philippines that tried conquering different countries including Hong Kong is also my role model. Western runners like Marie Mcnaughton, Emily saint-pe, Elsa Jean DeDiue, Jeff Campbell, Kevin Scallan, Jeremy Ritcey and Spartan ambassador Maggie Magdalena are the elites that I look up to.


Q. I’m sure there are times during your training that you aren’t achieving the results that you want. What do you do to lift your spirits during such times?

A. You will never know the results if you wouldn’t try- people always had the feedback of no string attached to any of the fitness or sports they haven’t try. They think that they can’t do it. Mind over Body, it will tell. Setting a goal and achieving them is big thing for an athlete, that will lift them up in the first place. But it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, winning is the outcome of unexpected result. Positivity plays a huge role in maintaining your lifestyle in sports and adventure.


Q. What foods or drinks help you gear up and stay energized for the game/event?

A. Honestly, I had asked mentors, co-runner team and read articles about diet or things that supposedly help you out before, during or after your massive workout, training or at race. What I’ve learned is that I rehydrate myself (some runners do comfortable and more energetic using sports drinks). I try to get enough sleep. For food, I eat everything to be honest, I’m not a picky eater but I’ve cut out junk food from my diet since it’s unhealthy. I don’t have an enlisting diet but I do have a discipline to what is good and bad for me.


Q. What would be your advice to our fellow Pinoy and Pinay to begin exercising?

A. You may start in an easy pace, where your heart and breathing can manage what you’re doing, until then you can try to do something more advanced. To make it work, make a plan, think of what do you want to do for workout or what you want to become? Then start planning your goal, it should be smart, measurable (which means time management) attainable and accurate. Make time for exercise even just for 30 minutes, and spent more when you have more time to do it. There are ten hiking groups in Hong Kong that are open to public, you can join them if you’d like. By the way, I was once a leading hiker in a group. You just need to focus on your goal so you can achieve them. I also tried to do kayaking, climbing, bouldering and leisure to yoga, meditation and running. I am a member of an empowering women group called the Women’s Five Tribe which was established from Women’s Five event that comprises a 5-week fitness program plus 5 km running. Everybody is welcome to join, this is a kind of group where we motivate each other, setting some events and we meet up for hiking, yoga or a short road run when we have the time. If I can do it, then so can you! I know that most overseas workers have only one holiday/off day, spend your time wisely to make the most of it. Not only overseas workers but also everyone who haven’t even tried to be in sports. Tardiness doesn’t help you to be what you wanted. Small things you can do to yourself is worth being proud of. If you think you can’t, you are wrong, everyone has our own uniqueness, I always tell everyone that they are awesome. Stand up and have the confident to do things for yourself.


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Got away

Got away

I wonder

Why crab became a cancer

It’s not a disease but i called

It’s a fortune.

Hanging out with friends

Loads of fun, laughter and foods.

Unending chats and a romantic stories

i saw a guy,

sitting alone

enjoying his foods

looking around the vicinity.

I waved him,


“,hi!would you like to join us?.

he smiled.

He joined!

I replied with a sweet smile

From his adorable

lovely eyes.

I can’t say he’s a little

bit arrogant,


He’s a guy with a

strong personality,

I guess.

Physically masculine,

Broad shoulder

Wide range biceps

Glaring him steadily

Saw his sad eyes


I sat beside my friend,

Named holly,

A story she untold

Between her and damn boyfriend.

To make her feel better,

To lift her and cheer her up

It’s powerpuff time.

a glanced,starred

Towards my eyes;

I bow my head, and look around.

The next time around.

Seeing him goodbyes

With a compliments of his.

From annoying friends i have

He’s upset

A little bit sadness on his eyes

As we walked away

I looked back

But he never turn his

Back at all.

I accidentally met a guy

Who’s good looking

An impression of being

Haughty but naughty

To look upon,

Adjacently to my thoughts

My subconscious spoke

Walking along the streets

My eyes with them

With friend’s laughter

A great night to hang out.

A chance to remember

A chance to remember


Where i can shed it

From the windows

Of my soul

It was dusty,



I blink and


I smirk when

I felt sarcastic

I smile everyday.

I tried to be calm

Peaceful and free

I fly like an eagle

And climb like

A monkey.

From the dim

Into the dark i was

At the moment,

I saw my shadow

But there’s no light.

I stood and steady

And my mind works

My thoughts

My brain function

And defines what should

I do and don’t.

And you reminisce,

I moved on but you came

You crossed over

I passed.

I said it’s enough

Coz the smile you gave

Me from the

Time you’d left

I am still wearing it

All through out

Of my day.

You wanted mySoul

to come back

Onto you.

Yet the words

It came out

Into my mouth;

Much has been said.

Find yourself

Find happiness

And when the time comes,

Then that’s the time

You will find the

Missing half

Of yours.

Either i or anybody else

Or just stay where you

Were at the

First place.

Happiness gave you the

Reason to live

Like sadness found you

Like you did.