Got away

Got away

I wonder

Why crab became a cancer

It’s not a disease but i called

It a fortune.

Hanging out with my friends

Called the place Mr Wong.

Loads of fun, laughter and foods.

Unending chats and a romantic stories

i saw a guy,

sitting alone

enjoying his foods

looking around the vicinity.

I waved him,


“,hi!would you like to join us?.

he smiled.

He joined!

I replied with a sweet smile

From his adorable

lovely eyes.

I can’t say he’s a little

bit arrogant,


He’s a guy with a

strong personality,

I guess.

Physically masculine,

Broad shoulder

Wide range biceps

Glaring him steadily

Saw his sad eyes


we had this conversations

with my friends,

he came and sat beside me.

crossed arm as i felt cold

From the starry night.

He noticed that gesture

and said Something about it!

I couldn’t believe

that there’s still

People recognizing every thing,

A keen observer!

Like i always do.

down and ashamed

inside of me.

But i wasn’t embarrassed .

i ignored and continue the laughs

and stories to tell from my friends

and from him.

I sat beside my friend,

Named holly,

A story she untold

Between her and damn boyfriend.

To make her feel better,

To lift her and cheer her up

It’s powerpuff time.

I noticed

He’s staring at me,

smiling as i glanced him around,

his eyes still with me,

those brown eyes!



I bow my head, and look holly around.

After those things we had,

he invited us

To have some wine.

I know my friends

Weren’t concede

So i said next time.

I was surprised

He offered a hug

To warm my cold body

So i leaned

And felt his robust chest

I really do.

Would you like to come with me

The hung question,

And have some glass of wine?

I love to but i am with my friends

The next time around.

Seeing him goodbyes

With a compliments of his.

From annoying friends i have

He’s upset

A little bit sad on his eyes

As we walked away

I looked back

But he never turn his

Back at all.

I accidentally met a guy

Who’s good looking

An impression of being

Haughty but naughty

To look upon,

Adjacently to my thoughts

My subconscious spoke

You will meet this man again.

Walking along the streets

My eyes with them

With friend’s laughter

A great night to hang out.



A chance to remember

A chance to remember


Where i can shed it

From the windows

Of my soul

It was dusty,



I blink and


I smirk when

I felt sarcastic

I smile everyday.

I tried to be calm

Peaceful and free

I fly like an eagle

And climb like

A monkey.

From the dim

Into the dark i was

At the moment,

I saw my shadow

But there’s no light.

I stood and steady

And my mind works

My thoughts

My brain function

And defines what should

I do and don’t.

And you reminisce,

I moved on but you came

You crossed over

I passed.

I said it’s enough

Coz the smile you gave

Me from the

Time you’d left

I am still wearing it

All through out

Of my day.

You wanted mySoul

to come back

Onto you.

Yet the words

It came out

Into my mouth;

Much has been said.

Find yourself

Find happiness

And when the time comes,

Then that’s the time

You will find the

Missing half

Of yours.

Either i or anybody else

Or just stay where you

Were at the

First place.

Happiness gave you the

Reason to live

Like sadness found you

Like you did.

wild Forbidden

wild Forbidden

Find a place

A nowhere To be found,

You taught and i listened

A homework to be made

EnList and demo

I followed and chased.

Every moment,

Every words you utter

Bloom my cheeks better.

Every minute and

A Seconds we spent

the whole night,

The warm of your kiss

Your body shivers

Your touch lingering on me

Taunted me to do more

And more

Crazy and explore;

Experience to a fun thing.

The mist that surrounds


But nobody

Is around.

Your smile

Your tantalizing eyes

Staring into mine.

Light a smoke,

a sisha to blew.

Makes me wonder

to wander.

Sitting next to you

Holding my hands.

Caress my legs,

hair And touch my face

Posterior hand

care it the most.

Bottonless and dress down,

Pulled me closer

The more you get into mine

Lift up my legs,

And harder i felt.

Your hairy chest,

Kissed a lips in smell.

Holding yours and play

What a relay raleigh

The loud i moan into his

grab my hair

Pull back into yours

Down my hips

Waist and breast

Played to his

Smooth and caress

Up and down

Air isn’t around!

Oh!myFifty shades

More breathes

To blade.

Breaking time

Sweat and done.

starred my body,

Kissing me and

hugs tightly.

The coldness of the air

Triggers my body

To be warm by yours.

The amber up above

Sitting on the bench

Deep conversation

Gesture motion.

How great is the night

Wishing i own you

Till the sun will rise



The vision i made

Sliding my head

Lying on your chest

The heat it cause

Made us to pause.

The night to remember

Will it be better

To kept in the drawer

The lust and affection

Wild naughty reflection.

I thank thee to apart

Started down to depart

A hand that held

A reckon below the belt

a kiss from you

Road to walk

I to the left and you

To the Right.



And third time around

I’m always here

And you were there

To have an amazing fun

night of a knight.


a mighty man



Hills syndrome

Hills syndrome

Name:Hills syndrome

How to get there:

🚝Kowloon tong interchange ➡️ Tai wo kcr exit b

Head out to tai po old market ➡️ting kok road➡️tai po drive road➡️cloudy hill trail➡️sha lo tung➡️ping fu shan ➡️wong leng ➡️luk keng wang sha keuk sheung tsuen➡️brides pool pat sin leng country park 🔚

Finish: Brides pool road

🚌Take kmb bus 275R

Elevation gain 11162m elevation

Max elevation :619m

Distance: 16.4km

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I met this lady

To befriend

Better than anyone else

All i know is just said


I know it’s a simple day

To brighten my day.

All my days

since the Race,

Everything has changed.

The simple chats,

The simple hi’s

The simple shares

Stories and tell.

Routine of yours

Behind those doors

From your ordinary days

Special made by your vibes.

Let’s go back to the gun start

Encircle my mind

Seeing your gorgeous smile,

Impressed from your

Bibliophile words

from Your intricate work

Regress to progress.

Reminisced the trails,

Uphill and downhill

You made a trace

To make me amaze.

I held my pole

And you got it all

The strength from

The length,

Of the distance


To walk onto you

And climb with you.

I look at your legs

You were in agony of pain

I want to help you

But i don’t know

why I couldn’t do;

Nothing makes me worried

The grimace in your face.

The fact that your strength

Your positivity

And motivations

Inspired me more and more.

Guilt and smile;

When we trek the trails

The talks we had

Inside the cab and pub,

To cross the line

We arrived.

When you said hey

“Trust me, we’ll be ok

And safe To lay.

The smile you carried along the way


In your face.

And i’m more grateful

When i got your number

Dialled and saved.

After the short break

From my reverie in your place

You are now miles away

Facing my phone

Laptop and desktop,

Numbers in and alphabets were

A beep from my phone

grab and turn it on

The curve from my face

Fades the frown i made.

Milady, i called

A strong woman

I have to known

Be known

And unbeknownst.

Now that i have the

Guts to know you.

What was more impressed

Is when you engrave my name

Written in your palm

And again in a piece

Some thing came into

My mind,

This lady i had to known

Made a simple things

To keep worth

Appreciated for.

From your weakest link

And you’re wicked witch

To make a spell

And let the days hell.

Your introvert mind

Is one of a kind.

You’re kindhearted woman

Where somebody’s caught by a man.

the motivations i get

the more inspiration i have.

works sucks

but you made me tough.

i open my eyes

“oh wells what a life”,

and you said

close them and hide,

than a life of

“what if’s dwell.

the longer talking to you

the more length u let me into

your life,

your savoire fare,


a feminine with finesse

sophisticated and aplomb.

oh! milady,

would you be my lady.

tongue tied


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Dragon’s Back trail

Dragon’s Back trail


Southern District

Starting point:

Shek O Road near To Tei Wan Village

End point:

Tai Long Wan

Average hiking time:

About 4 hours


Approximately 8.5 km

Replenishing stations:

There are no replenishing stations along the way, so stock up with food and water at a supermarket or convenience store in Shau Kei Wan before setting out.


Difficult (No shelter and replenishment for most of the trail)

How to get there

To the starting point:

Walk from MTR Shau Kei Wan Station Exit A to Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus. Take bus 9 or the minibus with the sign ‘Shek O’ next to the bus terminus. Alight at To Tei Wan, Shek O Road.

From the end point:

Take the minibus or a taxi to Shau Kei Wan. From here, public transport is available to other destinations.

flower’s soul

flower’s soul


you dig me into the deep shells

my shadows i can’t find

she likes you

i like you

you love me

she loves you

the words were confusing

it’s a state of anarchy,

my mind conspiring

a mutiny against heart

if my mind wins,

i shall lose my heart.

if my heart does,

i won’t ever have a

thing in my mind again.

if your heart hurts,

think  twice and thrice

after letting go-.

that is okay.

your feelings are genuine

no one ever look at it

no one likes pain,

things were put  to an end

they turn to toxic well being.

you started to talk

he lean to ignores you,

he started to speak

you listened till the end.

the ironic is,

you like him

he hates you

you started to runaway,

he pulled u back

you keep on waiting

time bound wasted.

time, the scariest word

you had ever heard

do you ever feel like being ignored?

do you ever feel like being down?

Have u ever runaway?

do you ever lock your room?

when you scream and no one

hears you?

now, you don’t know what it is like

to be kick when you’re down

to be used and depart

left and undone.

the beauty with a smile

the body he loves

the soul he hasn’t seen

the smell of your fragrance

the smooth silky hair,

the windows of your eyes

the muscle of your tongue,

the shin of your legs

the sole of your feet,

how strong you are-

from the man who tried to broke you

and started to like you

and in the end to love you.

you are too young

to be hurt this much,

and life is so short

to throw it all away

the pain and madness

the grief of your heart

the tears of your eyes

isn’t it worth fighting for

or to deserve keeping in?

a person who isn’t

capable of loving you:

is the person not

to worth to love for.

take it easy milady

it would be dull life

if you aren’t love

and to be loved,

if you weren’t learn to be hurt.

the guy who once hurt you

will someday the same guy

who will try to win you back.

flower’s soul


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